ESG Activities

Since our founding, we have believed that our company’s growth must take people and the environment into consideration.
Perhaps it is possible to grow in the short term by prioritizing the pursuit of profit above all else.
However, this creates social friction, and we believe that it ultimately cannot be expected to produce long-term sustainable growth.
“We pursue profits fairly” is one of the principles of our corporate philosophy, and this idea includes the resolution not to neglect these social responsibilities.
In particular, the information and communications sector in which our company participates provides infrastructure that is indispensable to modern society by creating new services and enhancing convenience, and its importance only continues to grow.
Conversely, various risks such as damage caused by the leaking of personal information, illegal or malicious data access, and failures due to disasters have become a threat to society.

It is our belief that a corporation cannot expand and grow without managing these risks.
We also wish to consider how we can contribute to society through the work styles of our employees.
Our company has enthusiastically introduced remote work to encourage the realization of diverse lifestyles, and we have created systems to prevent a gender gap.
Many of our employees have previous experience working at other companies, which we consider a strength, and our policy is to improve our organizational structures to be able to make effective use of each individual’s diverse experience, knowledge, know-how, and perspective, etc.

To achieve this, it is important to establish a system of governance so that the company can regulate itself and make rational management decisions.
Accordingly, we have appointed multiple unaffiliated directors and part-time auditors, and established a framework to perform checks on management from an objective standpoint.
We have also introduced an executive officer system to separate management and enforcement, as well as to clarify roles and expedite decision making.
Going forward, we will continue to enforce rigorous compliance, conform to all relevant laws and rules, and encourage fair and honest business practices for corporate management which maintains a high level of transparency and integrity.