Forward to “Alternative Telecom Carrier”

Forward to
“Alternative Telecom Carrier”

Financial Statements of FY2018


We announced the Financial Statements of FY2018 (July 2018 – June 2019) issued on 9 August, 2019 as below summary. ■Financial results for the full-year of FY2018. Total Sales and ordinary profit in 2019 marked record high. ・Total Sales : … Read more

Business Model of Fibergate


Our business core can be summarized by the following three points. ・ We employ a B2B2C model that wirelessly connects carriers and users, targeting corporations that conduct business with end users. ・ We specialize in niche markets where we can … Read more

Future of Wi-Fi and 5G


The era of 5G (5th generation mobile communication system), which will dramatically improve mobile communication speed and quality, is arriving soon. While the service has already been launched in certain countries, it is said that 5G will not become widespread … Read more

About Us- COMPANY -

Receiving thanks from our customers. It makes us proud when our customers tell us "Thank you." Every employee is engaged in the business with the purpose of receiving even more thanks from our customers.

Business Information- BUSINESS -

We transform communication services into a useful tool for your company.
We are an independent Wi-Fi solutions company engaging in everything from manufacturing equipment to providing telecommunications services, and we will work with you to solve your company’s problems together.

Free Wi-Fi Business

In our free Wi-Fi business, we primarily provide a free Wi-Fi service named Wi-Fi Nex®, to the operators of facilities such as sightseeing attractions, various stores, shopping districts, and commercial buildings.

Residential Wi-Fi business

In our residential Wi-Fi business, we provide Internet connection services which offer free unlimited Internet for all tenants to the owners of multiple-occupancy housing like condominiums and apartment buildings.