Business Use

We primarily provide a free Wi-Fi service named Wi-Fi Nex®, to the operators of facilities such as sightseeing attractions, various stores, shopping districts, and commercial buildings.
Users visiting facilities which have introduced our company’s service can freely connect to the Internet at no cost by completing a predetermined authentication process such as signing up, etc., regardless of the device or communications carrier.
We have also developed free Wi-Fi services suited to a variety of facilities, such as SHINOBI Wi-Fi® for sightseeing attractions equipped with multilingual connection support and tour guide features for foreign visitors to Japan, and Wi-FiBUS® for passenger transport businesses, which uses mobile communication devices placed on tour buses and pleasure boats, etc., to provide free Wi-Fi service to passengers.

Wi-Fi Nex

Wi-Fi Nex®

This service provides an environment that allows free connection to the Internet regardless of the type of device or carrier.
It satisfies the desires of tourist attractions, amusement parks, and commercial buildings to boost convenience for visitors and provide a Wi-Fi environment.



This service provides Wi-Fi infrastructure and easy to understand content to meet the needs of foreign visitors to Japan, allowing businesses to attract more foreign visitors and provide hospitality to them.
Ninja are popular with foreign visitors, and by making one the mascot character, we stimulate interest in the service, and making it possible to clearly convey information the area owner wants to disseminate.


Wi-Fi BUS®

This free Wi-Fi service is aimed at transport like tour buses and charter buses.
The need for free Wi-Fi access in vehicles where passengers spend a long time is high, and because it is possible to disseminate multilingual guides for foreign tourists in Japan as well as sightseeing information and ads for the local area or destination, etc., the needs of both the passengers and the transportation operator can be met.


Event Wi-Fi

This Wi-Fi service is suited to short-term use where a fixed connection is unnecessary.
It is possible to build a high-security environment at a low cost with simple installation.
We also offer platforms which can be used for distributing original content and marketing applications such as collecting customer data.


One Touch Wi-Fi

This cloud-based Wi-Fi solution for businesses was developed based on the concept of ease of operation.
It is possible to perform all management via the cloud, such as configuring and operating dedicated access points or managing accounts, allowing customers to easily create a Wi-Fi environment without any complicated setup.


Network device development, manufacture, and sale

We manufacture and sell our own proprietary wireless router and access point.
It identifies a user’s device via its authentication function, making it possible to guide them to a specific website when they connect to the Internet.
We have developed low-cost, high-performance devices equipped with features suited to applications in condominiums, commercial buildings, hotels, and tour buses, etc.


Network services for enterprises

We offer secure, low-cost network solutions for corporations, including provider service, Internet VPN service, and IPv6 transition solutions, etc.