Privacy Policy

Fibergate Inc. (henceforth “the company”) operates a variety of electronic communications services, such as internet environments for apartments and hotels, and Wi-Fi installation in businesses.
As a part of these services, we handle a lot of personal information, and we see it as an important social obligation to properly manage this personal information, protecting people’s rights and the public interest.
We hereby declare that the following Privacy Policy will be followed by our company; we will create systems to implement it, and establish a robust protection/management environment throughout all of the dealings of our company.

Enacted on Sep. 1, 2014
Masanori Inomata
President and CEO
Fibergate Inc.

1. Collection, Use, and Sharing of Personal Information

  • ①When we collect personal information, we identify as clearly as possible our purpose for using it, set lawful and appropriate limits on what information we need to achieve this goal, and gain consent before collecting the information.
  • ②When we use personal information, we limit ourselves to using it for the purposes we explicitly notified the person of or made public beforehand, and take measures to ensure that we do not overstep those bounds.
  • ③When we share personal information with a third party or delegate the processing of personal information to a third party, we do it legally and within the limits agreed to by the person themselves.

2. Safety Measures

To ensure the accuracy of personal information and safety in its use, we establish safety precautions such as information security measures, and work to improve our security and prevent unauthorized access, leaking of personal information, and loss or damage.

3. Reasonable Procedure for Complaints and Queries

When the person whose information is concerned makes a complaint or query, we respond promptly and accurately.
We also respect the rights of the person who has given us their information, and if they request the disclosure, updating, or deletion of this information, or if they ask us to stop using or sharing it, we will answer their request as required by law without delay.

4. Compliance With Laws, Guidelines, and Regulations

To facilitate the protection of personal information, we follow all laws, policies, and regulations set by the government around the handling of personal information.

5. Continuous Improvement of Our Personal Information Protection Management System

We regularly audit the state of the operation of our personal information protection management system, and maintain and continually improve it, in order to better protect personal information.

Contact for Matters Regarding Personal Information:

Fibergate Inc. Personal Information Protection Manager’s Office
Phone: 03-5733-1969

Use of Personal Information

1. Corporation Name

Fibergate Inc.

2. Position and Contact Details of the Personal Information Protection Manager

The company names the following person as the person responsible for appropriate management of personal information.
Personal Information Protection Manager      Head of Business Management Headquarters
Contact for Matters Regarding Personal Information  Head of Customer Service Department
Contact Address: KDX Shibadaimon Building, 2-10-12 Shibadaimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0012 (Phone: 03-5733-1969)

3. Purpose for Using Personal Information

Except for cases recognized by law, the company will only use personal information for the following purposes.

A. Purpose of personal information obtained in writing from the person themselves (including online entry)

(1) Customer Information

  • ①Provision and maintenance of the company’s services and calculation and charging of usage fees (including outsourcing to a collection or a payment agency.)
  • ②To confirm things with the person or their family, for instance when handling a request for our services
  • ③Guiding the customer through the company’s products, services, campaigns, and events (including the services of our business partners); shipping orders and prizes; and conducting raffles and surveys
  • ④To evaluate and improve the company’s service, and develop new services
  • ⑤To respond to comments, requests, complaints, queries, etc.
  • ⑥For individual purposes necessary in light of the content of nature of our service
  • ⑦For other purposes related to the ones above

(2) Information About Company Officials, Employees, and Employment Candidates

  • ①For the employment process (holding company information sessions, conducting surveys, selecting candidates, etc.)
  • ②For personnel management purposes (public proceedings like attendance/performance assessments, salary payments, health management, social insurance, etc.)
  • ③For legal management of officials and employees
  • ④For other purposes related to the ones above

B. Purpose of information not obtained in writing from the person themselves
The company uses personal information obtained from its clients, and not in writing from the person themselves, for the purposes of building internet environments and other commissioned work.

4. Delegation and subcontracting of the Handling of Personal Information

  • (1)The company outsources some of its operations to external subcontractors, and occasionally provides those subcontractors with personal information.
    When this happens, the company selects only subcontractors that are recognized as properly managing personal information, contractually obligates them to properly manage and protect the secrecy of personal information, and implements appropriate management to prevent the leaking of personal information.
  • (2)When the company indirectly acquires personal information from an external client, we confirm with the source that they have obtained this information through appropriate means, and make them guarantee this in the contract before taking the information, which is then handled in accordance with the law.

5. Sharing Personal Information With Third Parties

The company will not share personal information with any third parties, except for in the following circumstances.

  • ①Consent was given by the person
  • ②Cases based on the law
  • ③When it is necessary to protect human life, health, or property, and it would be difficult to gain the person’s consent
  • ④When it is necessary for the improvement of public health or a child’s sound upbringing, and it would be difficult to gain the person’s consent
  • ⑤When it is necessary to assist with carrying out duties assigned by government agencies, local authorities, or someone employed by one of these agencies, and there is a risk that the process of gaining the person’s consent would hinder the execution of those duties

6. Discretion in the Sharing of Personal Information

The decision of whether or not to share information with the company is made at the person’s discretion. However, if someone does not share their information, the company may be unable to fully provide the services and business.

7. Process for Requesting Reviewing or Updating of Personal Information Held by the Company

When the company receives a request for disclosure of the purpose for using personal information, from the person in question, we follow all relevant laws and regulations, and comply as faithfully as possible, by establishing the following procedure.
If you have any questions about the procedure, please go to the company’s Contact for Matters Regarding Personal Information.

①How to Apply (requests are accepted by mail.)
Fill out all of the information on the “Reviewing or Updating Application Form” (henceforth “the form”), include proof that you are the person in question, and send it to the following address. Please download the form from the following link.
Also, please write in red “Form Contained Inside” on the envelope.

Reviewing or Updating Application Form – PDF File: 67KB

KDX Shibadaimon Building, 2-10-12 Shibadaimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0012
Fibergate Inc. Contact for Matters Regarding Personal Information

②Identity Confirmation Method
When making an application, you must send the documents we require for identity confirmation (driver’s license, certificate of residence, health insurance card, and other certificates issued by public organizations).

③Response Method
The company’s premade “Response Regarding Disclosure Request” will be sent via registered post to the address registered in our system.

④Service Fee
There will be no fees charged for the process.

⑤When the Information Reviewing/Updating Request is Denied
The company may not offer all or part of the personal information requested in any of the following cases.
When the company decides not to disclose the information, the person who made the request will be notified of this, along with the following reasons.

  • ・When the address written on the form or on the proof of identity documents does not match the one in our database.
  • ・When we cannot confirm their identity.
  • ・When there is a problem with documents required including the form.
  • ・When the company does not possess the information required by the applicant.
  • ・When there is a risk that may negatively affect the life, health, property, or any other rights or interests of either the person concerned or a third party.
  • ・When there is a risk that it may cause a large hindrance to the company’s operations.
  • ・When it would be against the law.

8. Contact for Queries/Complaints About the Handling of Personal Information

If you have any comments, requests, or complaints about our handling of personal information, please contact us by sending e-mails to the address below.

Fibergate Inc. Contact for Matters Regarding Personal Information
Address: privacy(at)
In the title of your email, please write that it is directed to “the Contact for Matters Regarding Personal Information.”

9. Safety Management Measures

In order to protect the information on our network and prevent unauthorized access, the company is compliant with standards such as the Standard for Security and Reliability of Information and Communications Networks (Notice of MPT No.73 of 1987).

Handling of Anonymized Data

  • When handling anonymized data, as specified in Article 2, Section 9 of the Personal Information Protection Act, the company will act appropriately and follow the Personal Information Protection Act, as well as relevant regulations, guidelines, and laws (henceforth “relevant regulations”).
  • When the company has generated anonymized data, we will follow the standards laid out in the relevant regulations, and implement measures for safe management.
  • When the company has generated anonymized data, we will publicize the categories of data relevant to individuals that are contained in the anonymized data.
  • When the company shares anonymized data (This includes information generated by the company as well as information given by third parties. They will be treated as the same henceforth unless specified otherwise.) with a third party, in accordance with the relevant regulations, we will publicize the categories of data relevant to individuals that are contained in the anonymized data, and specify to the third party that the information being shared is anonymized data.
  • When handling anonymized data, the company will not(1) cross-reference the anonymized data with other information, and (2) gain access to information deleted from the data, any symbols that can be used to identify people, or information regarding the way anonymization was carried out under Article 36, Section 1 of the Personal information Protection Act ((2) only applies to anonymized data shared with the company by a third party) in an attempt to identify the person whose information was used in the generation of the anonymized data.
  • The company will strive to take the necessary and appropriate measures to safely manage anonymized data, respond to complaints regarding the anonymization process or other related areas, and to publicize the details of these measures.

Revised on Jun. 1, 2017