Home Use

In our residential Wi-Fi business, we provide internet connection services to the owners of multiple-occupancy housing like condominiums and apartment buildings, offering free, unlimited internet for all tenants.
Tenants in properties which have installed our company’s service can connect to the internet with no monthly fee.
Property owners are thus able to enhance the rental properties they own, and the service has been well-received as an effective method of attracting and retaining tenants, particularly in properties aimed at singles.
While it is mainly installed in rental condominiums and apartment buildings, the service can be installed in all kinds of multiple-occupancy housing, including owner-occupied condominiums and student dormitories.



This unique brand of “Free Wi-Fi Service for Tenants” is provided to the owners of condominiums and apartment buildings.
We help owners tackle the challenge of attracting and retaining tenants, etc. by adding to the value of the property.


FG Home IoT

This is an IoT solution that enables smart use by connecting electrical appliances installed in homes, offices, etc. with our telecommunications service.
We provide a one-stop solution for various services necessary to realize home IoT, such as installing Wi-Fi and smart locks.