Corporate Philosophy

‘Thank you’ – from our customers, to us.

We never forget to be grateful.
We abide by common sense.
We give back to society.
We pursue profit fairly.
We achieve happiness.

At Fibergate, our corporate philosophy hinges on the thanks we get from the customers whose businesses we contribute to.
This is because we believe that a business style focused solely on the pursuit of profit has inherent limits, and what matters more in a company’s growth is a ‘principles before profit’ ethos that prioritizes trust and good faith.
These days, business is not limited solely to financial transactions: rather, it has become an important social activity, bringing people together and contributing to human progress.
With the goal of receiving our customers’ thanks as our starting point, we aim to grow into a company that can contribute not only to its own development, but to the development of society at large.

At the same time, we want to work in the background to provide support to our customers.
We specialize in behind-the-scenes support, providing a variety of products and platforms so that our customers who interact directly with users can focus their efforts on building their own in-house brand.
This mindset could also be described as a policy wherein we specialize in our field of expertise, leveraging our company’s strengths without needing to promote the brands of our products and services.
By supporting them from behind the scenes, we hope to thrive and flourish together with our customers.

However, to expand our business and pursue profit fairly, it is vital that we create our own market, even a niche one, and achieve No. 1 market share to be able to exert influence.
In order to put our ’principles before profit’ mindset into practice, we must have foresight, formulate strategies, set clear goals, and approach business with the aim of providing a competitive platform.
We must pioneer new services, popularize them, and thereby receive our customers’ ‘thank you’.
We will continue striving to make our ideals a reality.