Environmental charter

We believe that corporate growth must take into consideration society and the environment, and we will strengthen our governance against climate change. We have also established the Committee on Climate Change (Sustainability Committee), which identifies important risks and opportunities related to sustainability including responses to climate change formulates specific measures related to these responses, promotes and supports Group-wide initiatives related to high-priority issues, monitors progress, and formulates response policies.

Considering the environment in all our business operations

We are committed to environmental protection and conservation activities aimed at creating a better society.

●Provision of online support services
We develop online support services, including VPN and telework-compatible Residence Wi-Fi services. Companies can reduce resource waste and greenhouse gas emissions by going online.

●Reduction of paper waste through companywide remote work
By introducing an electronic contract system and digitizing contracts, we reduce printing and aim for paperless operations.
In the future, we plan to introduce electronic invoices and construction reports.

●Environmental protection through renewable energy
In the renewable energy (electricity) business, we will establish a system that enables all of our business sites to procure electricity from renewable energy sources by 2030.

●Waste recycling
We select industrial waste collection companies that are proactive in recycling, and protect the environment by implementing a 100% recycling policy to return materials and energy to society.