ESG / SDG Initiatives

ESG / SDG Activity Policy

We believe that corporate growth must take into consideration society and the environment.
We actively involve ourselves in the solution of global issues as outlined by the SDGs (shared goals the international community aims to achieve by 2030) and ESG (environment, social, governance)-related societal issues and expectations.
With our five main missions, we aim to realize a sustainable world.

Specific SDG Initiatives

Sustainable Development Goals “SDGs”, as adopted by the United Nations

Mission 1

We aim to enable diverse lifestyles and work styles to suit any life stage

Remote working system

We have implemented a system that respects employee work-life balance.
Our employees are able to work from home nationwide, allowing them to adapt their work to their lifestyle.
As of March 2021, more than 80% of our employees worked from home.

Side business system

In order to support the career plans of our young employees, and to create a place where employees can thrive without being boxed in, we have implemented a side-business system.

Flex-time system

We have introduced a flex-time system that allows employees to set work hours in line with their lifestyles. The attendance management system has also been renovated so that it can respond to flex time, and the core time is set at 11:00 to 16:00 to improve operational efficiency.
We aim to build a more comfortable work environment by emphasizing the work-life balance of employees with children.

Mission 2

We aim to promote diversity so that employees with different perspectives and values can thrive

Active international recruitment

Our international employees account for 14% of the total*, and we will continue to recruit and train international employees in the future.
They are active in information systems and sales divisions, including multilingual support centers for end users.
※ ‘International employees’ refers to employees with foreign nationalities. Percentage accurate as of June 2021.

Employment of seniors and employees with disabilities

We actively recruit seniors and employees with disabilities to encourage the growth of all people.
We aim to create an environment in which employees with diverse perspectives can thrive by hiring personnel with all levels of experience, including reemployment after retirement and outplacement from other industries.

Increase in the number of female managers

We maintain a high level of women in managerial positions. Women currently occupy 25%* of managerial positions.
※ Percentage of women in positions of section chief or higher, including specialists, as of June 2021.

Athlete recruitment

We actively recruit sports players and athletes, aiming to support the second careers of retired athletes in order to create an environment in which active athletes can feel secure as they continue to compete.

Mission 3

We aim to protect and conserve the environment for a better society

Provision of online support services

We promote remote work and corporate digitalization by expanding our online support services, such as VPN and telework-compatible Residence Wi-Fi services.
Companies can reduce resource waste and greenhouse gas emissions by going online.

Reduction of paper waste through companywide remote work

We aim to reduce the use of all types of resources by implementing remote work across the company.
By introducing an electronic contract system and digitizing contracts, we reduce printing and aim for paperless operations.
In the future, we plan to introduce electronic invoices and construction reports.

Environmental protection through renewable energy

In the renewable energy (electricity) business, we will establish a system that enables all of our business sites to procure electricity from renewable energy sources by 2030.
In March 2022, we built a renewable energy-compatible condominium in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, and began demonstration tests.

Waste recycling

We select industrial waste collection companies that are proactive in recycling, and protect the environment by implementing a 100% recycling policy to return materials and energy to society.

Mission 4

We aim to innovate people’s lifestyles and educations through telecommunications services and Wi-Fi

Providing equal educational opportunities by introducing Wi-Fi to student dormitories and schools

We are focused on improving Wi-Fi for student dormitories and schools.
Now that online learning has become the norm, we will provide equitable learning opportunities for all students via our communications infrastructure.
We support foreign language learning by providing wireless internet infrastructure in all classrooms and dormitories of a selection of private high schools.

Supporting remote learning with Residence Wi-Fi expansion

By expanding Residence Wi-Fi, we will contribute to more comfortable in-home learning and remote classes.
We enable remote learning by building wireless internet infrastructure in national public or private universities and private dormitory rooms.

Building the foundation for remote work and promoting new work styles

By providing VPN services and event Wi-Fi for on-line distribution, we will create the foundation for remote work and promote new ways of working.

Mission 5

We aim to contribute to public safety via our partnerships

Providing Wi-Fi in cooperation with local organizations

We promote the revitalization of local communities by installing Wi-Fi in cooperation with municipalities such as Higashi-Kagura Town, Toyako Town, and Kutchan Town in Hokkaido.

Free Wi-Fi during disasters

In the event of a major disaster such as an earthquake or flood, we temporarily open our Wi-Fi free of charge and free of certification so that safety checks and information collection can be carried out without relying on mobile phone lines or blocking the communication network.

Promoting IT in residences and strengthening security through Home IoT

We will promote FG Home IoT and improve IT in the home.
In addition, we strengthen security and home monitoring through IoT and security cameras to build a safer society.
We constructed IoT compliant condominiums in Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture in November 2020 and in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture in March 2022, thereby implementing IoT in those condominiums.
FG Home IoT has already been introduced to rental apartment complexes, improving comfort and energy efficiency in the home.

Cooperation with local SDG groups

We are affiliated with the Regional Revitalization SDGs Public-Private Partnership Platform and the Hokkaido SDGs Promotion Network, and we work together to achieve the SDGs.

Private sector humanitarian assistance projects

We actively participate in grassroots activities (grassroots democracy) hosted by private companies.
We have established the General Incorporated Association to provide support to people around the world who face challenges in collaborating with public institutions and private companies.