Social Initiatives

Social Contributions and Business Activities

We aim to innovate in people’s lifestyles and educational activities through telecommunications services and Wi-Fi.
We also contribute to public safety through our partnerships.

●Providing equal educational opportunities by introducing Wi-Fi to student dormitories and schools
We are focused on improving Wi-Fi for student dormitories and schools. Now that online learning has become the norm, we will provide equitable learning opportunities for all students via our communications infrastructure.
We have installed Wi-Fi equipment in all classrooms and student dormitories at a private high school, contributing to foreign language learning by enabling connection with foreign countries via the internet.

●Supporting remote learning with Residence Wi-Fi expansion
By expanding Residence Wi-Fi, we will contribute to more comfortable in-home learning and remote classes.
We enable remote learning by building wireless internet infrastructure in national public or private universities and private dormitory rooms.

●Building the foundation for remote work and promoting new work styles
By providing VPN services and event Wi-Fi for online distribution, we will create the foundation for remote work and promote new ways of working.

●Providing Wi-Fi in cooperation with local organizations
We promote the revitalization of local communities by installing Wi-Fi in cooperation with municipalities such as Higashi-Kagura Town, Toyako Town, and Kutchan Town in Hokkaido.

●Free Wi-Fi during disasters
In the event of a major disaster such as an earthquake or flood, we temporarily open our Wi-Fi free of charge and free of certification so that safety checks and information collection can be carried out without relying on mobile phone lines or blocking the communication network.

●Promoting IT in residences and strengthening security through Home IoT
We will promote FG Home IoT and improve IT in the home.
In addition, we strengthen security and home monitoring through IoT and security cameras to build a safer society.
We constructed IoT- compliant condominiums in Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture in November 2020 and in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture in March 2022, thereby implementing IoT in those condominiums.
FG Home IoT has already been introduced to rental apartment improving comfort and energy efficiency in the home.

●Cooperation with local SDGs groups
We are affiliated with the Regional Revitalization SDGs Public-Private Partnership Platform and the Hokkaido SDGs Promotion Network, and we work together to achieve the SDGs.

●Private sector humanitarian assistance projects
We actively participate in grassroots activities (grassroots democracy) hosted by private companies.
We have established the General Incorporated Association to provide support to people around the world who face challenges in collaborating with public institutions and private companies.