Corporate Governance

“Always earn the customer’s ‘thanks.’”

Guided by this management philosophy, we recognize that one of the administrative keys to retaining the trust of our stakeholders—including our shareholders, clients, and employees—is our corporate governance, which we strive to implement and enrich.

Grounded in this philosophy, we endeavor to manage our company in a manner that is transparent and highly sound. We consider thorough, consistent compliance to be a fundamental aspect of management.

We adhere strictly to all laws, ordinances, and regulations, and strive to promote responsible corporate citizenship.

While we seek to streamline our decision-making process by retaining only a small number of directors, our decisions on critical business matters are made only after thorough discussion at meetings of our Executive Committee (Management Committee).

Furthermore, we are committed to maintaining an effective auditing system in order to ensure that our directors’ administration of the company’s business is carried out effectively and in compliance with all laws and ordinances, as well as our company statutes and regulations.